Monday, 10 November 2008

Barack Obama President - But Not For Three Months

Barack Obama was named the next President of the United States last Tuesday - but he won't take power until January.

This seems like a very dangerous position to leave the country in; especially considering the difficult financial times the country, and indeed the world is facing.

The current President George W Bush has become nothing more than the face of the country, and although he holds the power, there's not much he can do with it.

During the election race between McCain and Obama, George Bush even invited both to the White House to discuss what to do about the imminent recession.

End of Bush

The President-elect has already announced today that he is planning to scrap some of Bush's newer policies.

In fact they have very different views on many issues, such as the the Iraq war: one started it and the other wants to end it.

Barack Obama has said previously that if he was elected, he would

Call my attourney general in and review every single executive order issued by George Bush and overturn those laws or executive decisions that I feel violate the Constitution.

Surely now it's just a waiting game for the rest of the world? If Bush was to try and run a world conference, no one would take him seriously.

Bush has however said that he wants to make the transition from his leadership to Obama's as smooth as possible.


Obama isn't handed the keys to the White House until January 20th 2009. Between his election and his inauguration, there's nothing but paperwork to be done.

There's the official votes from the Electoral College, which isn't until the 15th December. Then there's the new Congress session to begin, and finally Congress will formally count the votes, on the 6th January.

Obama started to recieve the President's Daily Brief from the 6th November, ensuring that he was kept up to date with everything going on in Washington.

He is in effect, the man with the power. He is the man who will inherit the financial crisis, and it will probably be stabalised while he is in office.

So why does the world need to wait until January to be allowed to recognise it?

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