Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Twin Towers All Over Again

Earlier I watched footage of 911 that I previously hadn't seen. Watching the incident again for the first time in 7 years was a haunting experience.

I saw the footage as part of an exercise imagining that it was the first time I had seen it, and tried to write simply what I saw. This is what I wrote:

A plane has just crashed into the second of the twin towers and a huge fireball has taken over the top floors. All you can see is a plume of dark grey smoke rising from the top, and a large hole in the side of the building.

There are people hanging out of the windows in the topmost floors and on the ground, everyone is trying to get away from the falling debris. There is smoke and dust everywhere and the firefighters are on site trying to combat the massive flames consuming the building.

One of the towers has just collapsed! All you can see now is a large cloud of dust and smoke covering the surrounding buildings from sight and billowing out.

The dust has completely covered the camera, obscuring the view. Once it settles you can see that those that have been caught inside the cloud, the cars and the road are thickly covered in ash, or dust.

All you can hear are sirens as police, ambulances and fire engines rush to the scene, while the streets are devoid of the normal hustle and bustle.

Although this post is different from what will be my normal topic, I felt that it was worth including...the sight of the Towers collapsing again, and watching the start of our war on terrorism.


I'm a 23 year-old broadcast journalism student studying in London, with a passion I felt worthy of creating a blog around. That passion is motorbikes.

However, passion doesn't always mean knowledge, and although I know enough to 'get by' I'm hoping to learn more. The clue's in the first line: I'm a student. I'll just be studying more than journalism.

I don't subscribe to the typical image of a biker either, unless of course you add the word 'chick' to the mix. I'm a female rider and proud of it: after all, judging from the stares I get there don't seem to be many of us.

I've never shaved my hair off (or had it long and greasy for that matter), I don't chain-smoke and I'm certainly not a hell raiser. I've never wheelied past a camera (or wheelied at all to be honest) and as of yet, I've never 'flipped the bird' at anyone else on the road.

Whats a young, female, (relatively) polite student doing out on two wheels then? It's all thanks to an old boyfriend of mine who gave me the courage to jump on and fall in love.

It's not just bikes I'll blog about either. There's so much going on that I find interesting, so why not write about what interests me. Maybe it'll interest others too!

I may be no expert but I'm passionate and keen to learn more about bikes. Anything I find interesting I'll be blogging about, along with the day to day trials and tribulations facing bike riders. So watch this space; hopefully I can learn off you and you may even find out a thing or two from me.

So finally, who's Fylix then? She's my bike of course.